"Dr. Vora, thank you for providing much needed pain relief and saving my precious molar last month. Your professionalism was exemplary.  Here’s what I liked. Communication is everything - when I phoned your practice at 2am in the night due to tooth pain, you called me personally right away first thing in the morning and found me an appointment as soon as possible on the same day.  This put me at ease very quickly and reassured me I was in good hands.  You talked me through the entire procedure using the 3D software, which gave me a clear insight of OUR treatment plan and objectives.  I felt I was in control with no surprises.  The procedure was challenging because of the curvature of the roots however your persistence and attention to detail was noted.  After my treatment was complete, your receptionist personally called the next morning to make sure everything was ok. The icing on the cake – your practice looks like the envy of any interior designer.  It’s very tastefully decorated, clean, inviting, comfortable, high tech - with easy parking.

Keep up the great work, I will definitely recommend you to my family".

With best regards



I was referred to Dr. Vora after I had a previous bad root canal. At first I was very hesitant about the procedure but his calmness and honesty regarding the procedure was very professional and sincere. It has been over year now since he retreated my root canal and I am pain free and delighted about the investment. The nice thing about this office is the excellent team flow I also witness between the doctor and the staff. A very friendly place, I would go again!



"Thank you very much Dr. Vora for treating my tooth. You helped me relieve my anxiety and provided me with a painless and wonderful experience".



"Hi Dr. Vora. Thanks for seeing me on such short notice. My tooth is fine now. As always your professionalism and excellent work is appreciated. Your new office is very nice, well worth the drive from London! Thank you for phoning and following up on me too, that was very kind of you and Davanna. Good luck with the new practice, I am sure you will do well".