Root Canal Therapy

The aftercare following root canal therapy can vary from patient to patient.

In general, patients that present for treatment with moderate to severe pain and/or swelling associated with pain will have some discomfort after the procedure that can be easily managed by following a simple regime of over the counter analgesics.

We will customize your analgesic regime after the consultation and / or treatment visit.

All our treatments are complete with the placement of a final restoration. We feel strongly that the final treatment is fully restored for the convenience of the patient and it provides more predictable success long-term.


Endodontic Microsurgery

All surgical procedures will undergo an initial consultation visit that is separate from the surgery visit.  The consultation visit will help to identify any risks that may affect the management of the surgery but most importantly, it gives the patient an opportunity to ask questions and become fully educated about the treatment procedure.

The majority of patients will simply require over the counter analgesics lasting no more than 3-5 days after surgery. Further instructions will be given to the patient after completion of treatment.

Sutures are usually removed 3-4 days after surgery.